Saturday, January 8, 2011


This picture is such as 'FRIENDSHIP'
Kwn/2, rindu korg yg mcm dulu dho. Dulu susah senang kte same,
tp skrg mak aii tk nmpk byg laa dho.
If d'pk kn balekk aku sdey dho, tp nk wt cmnee en?
Aku tk bole wt pape, hak korg kn.
So, aku give up jeh laa kn. Insyah-Allah 
If aku pnjg umr dpt laaa jmpe nddd lpak/2 nan korg lg kn oky cunn ^^
Aku hrp korg hppy dgn ape yg korg wt tuh oky geng :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bila terasa terluke --'

Idk what will happen to me this year.
Second day school, my hair was cutted by courselor --'
Then back from schl im goin' to shop fer cut hair to sample. 
After that, OH MY GOSH! My hair was likee a bitch shitt :'(
Seriusly im so sad. I fell wanna cry Huaaa :'(
My dad was said ' yr hair like a police man ' Errrh
Fer this two week mybe im not fully go to schl :'(

Photography ;)

It's all bout' photography. I'll make it ;)